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Great work today!!! Many of you are getting much better and understanding how to utilize your hips during the Olympic lifts even when you are tired which is fantastic. To get a little off topic…. a few updates for the future.


TOMORROW— Wednesday June, 11, 2014

  1. Spinning with our fearless leader at 5:30
  2. Followed RAW Nutrition Support Group at 6:45

** Questions, Comments, Concerns? Ask, Text, Message, Call myself, or Maaike!

** Both are Open to the public!

** Make sure you sign up (if you haven’t already) for Spinning as you walk in the gym!


Thursday June 12, 2014

Get your mobility and relaxation on with some yoga at 7:30 with Ann Duhaime.

**Also open to the public ($10 drop in fee)

Ann has been a little lonely the past few weeks! Show her some love by getting your stretch on. Just remember taking the time to stretch and work out some of the troubled areas (hip flexors, IT band, rhomboids, scaps, etc) is just as important as working out. We as humans spend a majority of our time sitting down whether its at work, at home, doing homework, clipping coupons, driving etc. As a result our hips, upper back, and shoulders get really tight especially if you don’t have good posture while you are sitting. Take advantage of the Thursday Yoga Class, even if you have to sacrifice a workout here or there to attend, I know it doesn’t fit everyone’s schedule, but even one session will do the body great!

Youth Strength and Conditioning

Sick of your kids bugging you with all of their built up energy from being on Summer Vacation?

Don’t be afraid to sign them up for the upcoming strength and conditioning clinics run by myself and Maaike.

It will be a great way to prep them for upcoming Fall sports or even in season maintenance work (baseball of course)

A majority will be Agility and endurance work but will incorporate the basics of barbell work as the session goes on. (Use of the dowel/ little to no weight depending on the age of the athlete.)



** For more info or questions, inbox Maaike at RAW LLC on Facebook, or inquire on the webpage.




Close Grip Bench Press


7-10 Sets

**Working up to a heavy set of 1-3

** Hand placement right outside/on top of shoulders


Wall Balls (20/14)

Push Press (95/65)

Push Ups —-(Advanced- Hand Stand Push Up)


** Post times/Scores to Comments as well as writing them on the board

** Always be proud of your score

** I will hunt you down if you don’t write your score on the whiteboard. 🙂

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